Xtravaganza Discotec, located alarmingly close to a residential neighborhood in Coram, has become a source of significant distress for nearby families. The placement of such an establishment, which has increasingly been seen as a public nuisance, directly beside homes where children sleep is fundamentally inappropriate. The relentless noise pollution emanating from the venue, especially during nighttime hours, is more than an inconvenience; it's a blatant disregard for the peace and well-being of the community.

This establishment also serves alcohol, which, while not problematic in itself, has led to episodes where the behavior of some patrons has negatively impacted the neighborhood's safety and tranquility. The community's patience has been tested, with complaints dating back to 2015, when the Town of Brookhaven Planning Board initially issued a special conditional permit to a previous business at this location despite vehement opposition by the residents. It has since become clear that the stipulations of this permit have not been adequately enforced.

A thorough investigation by the Coram Civic Association, through a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request, revealed a startling neglect of the permit's conditions. This lack of enforcement has contributed to the ongoing issues, leaving residents feeling unheard and overlooked by both the New York State Liquor Authority (NYSLA) and the Town of Brookhaven, despite repeated appeals for intervention.

The situation calls for immediate and decisive action. It is imperative for the regulatory bodies to revisit and strictly enforce the conditions under which Xtravaganza operates, ensuring that the rights and concerns of the residents are not only acknowledged but prioritized. The community's demand is not unreasonable—it is a plea for respect, safety, and the peaceful enjoyment of their homes. As it stands, the presence of Xtravaganza Discotec in such close proximity to a residential area is untenable and must be addressed with the seriousness it warrants.

See FOIL Request
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3. [. . . ] nor is the project expected to generate significant noise and or odor levels
4. No significant impacts area expected on the growth and character of the community.
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If you share concerns regarding the operation of Xtravaganza Discotec near a residential area, reaching out to Town of Brookhaven Supervisor Daniel Panico or Councilwoman Jane Bonner could be a crucial step towards addressing this issue. When contacting them, it's important to highlight the specific criteria under §85-107(A) of the special permit process, emphasizing that any granted permit should not undermine property values, compromise the safety, welfare, and good order of the town. Moreover, under §85-107(B), remind them that the Planning Board is obligated to consider several key factors, including the suitability of the location for its proposed use in relation to the character of the area, the conservation of property values, the potential for disturbing noise levels, and the proximity of the establishment to sensitive areas such as residential neighborhoods. By voicing your concerns and citing these specific sections, you can make a compelling case for a thorough review of the situation, urging for decisions that truly reflect the best interests of the community.

In addition to addressing the criteria under §85-107(A) and §85-107(B) regarding the special permit process, it's crucial to mention the provisions under §85-113(N) when communicating your concerns to Town of Brookhaven Supervisor Daniel Panico or Councilwoman Jane Bonner. This section states that a Certificate of Occupancy and/or Certificate of Compliance can be revoked upon the recommendation of the chief building inspector or the town planning board. This point underscores the importance of compliance with the town's regulations and the power of the town's authorities to enforce these standards for the benefit of the community. By highlighting this provision, you advocate for the enforcement of existing regulations designed to protect the community's interests, emphasizing the need for a responsible and responsive approach to the operation of businesses like Xtravaganza Discotec that have significant impacts on the safety, welfare, and tranquility of residential neighborhoods.

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