Plaza 99

Plaza 99 stands as a stark example of neglect within our community, a once-thriving establishment now marred by a myriad of maintenance and code violations. Despite initial reports dating back to 2016, this building remains a glaring symbol of unresolved issues, casting a shadow on the efforts to uplift and maintain the integrity of our neighborhood. The structure's deteriorating condition not only poses safety risks but also reflects a broader issue of accountability and oversight. As the Coram Civic Association continues to push for resolution, Plaza 99's state underscores the critical need for concerted action and reinforced code enforcement to ensure such situations are addressed promptly and effectively, safeguarding the community's well-being and aesthetic appeal.

If the state of Plaza 99 has left you seeking change and demanding action, remember, as taxpayers, you are the backbone of public funding, and it is your right to expect and demand that New York State, Suffolk County, and the Town of Brookhaven uphold their responsibilities. The images of Plaza 99 are a stark reminder of what happens when codes are not enforced and landlords are not held accountable. We urge you to channel your frustration into constructive action. Contact your local representatives, attend community meetings, and make your voice heard. Writing letters, making phone calls, and participating in public forums are powerful ways to demand the enforcement of codes and accountability from landlords. Your involvement sends a clear message to our governmental entities: the residents of Coram are vigilant and expect the services they pay for to be executed with diligence and integrity. Together, we can catalyze the necessary changes to transform Plaza 99, turning it into a space that reflects the pride and care of our community.

Contact for Change

 Daniel Panico

Brookhaven Town Supervisor

Jane Bonner

Brookhaven Town Council

District 2

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