The 2023 Coram Community Survey, a comprehensive assessment aimed at gauging the welfare, needs, and challenges faced by the Coram community, unveiled a series of concerning results that have since galvanized local stakeholders towards meaningful action. Key findings highlighted a dilapidated business district, palpable crime, and a sense of government inaction among community members, painting a stark portrait of the urgent support required in various sectors.


Despite the troubling revelations, the survey has also sparked a wave of optimism among community leaders, organizations, and residents. It has been seen as a clarion call for unity and action, prompting an unprecedented collaborative effort to address these issues head-on. Initiatives focusing on mental health support, economic development, and community-building activities have been prioritized, with a strong emphasis on inclusivity and accessibility to ensure that no member of the Coram community is left behind.


The survey's results, while concerning, have provided a clear roadmap for the community's path forward. It has highlighted the resilience and solidarity of Coram's residents and the potential for transformative change when communities come together to support one another. The comprehensive data collected serves not only as a mirror reflecting the current state of affairs but also as a beacon of hope for a brighter, more connected future for the Coram community.



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