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In the heart of Coram, a vibrant tapestry of community members weaves together, each thread representing a unique background, yet all united in a singular, powerful purpose: to enhance the quality of life in our community. Here, we stand together, embodying a unified voice dedicated to fostering a safer, more beautiful, and thriving Coram for everyone.


Join us in our mission to make a tangible difference in the place we call home.

See something, say something. In Coram, turning a blind eye isn't an option. Our strength lies in our unity and our willingness to speak up for a better quality of life. Let your voice be heard through the Coram Civic Association. Together, we can make a

Reimagining Compliance: A New Era for Coram

The Coram Civic Association is at the forefront of championing the rights of taxpayers in Coram, steadfastly advocating for them to receive the full value of the services they finance. This commitment has led the association to tackle the challenging issue of inadequate code enforcement with innovative and forward-thinking strategies. By integrating advanced technology and cultivating strategic partnerships with local authorities, the association is revolutionizing how regulatory compliance is monitored and enforced. Their efforts aim not only to streamline enforcement procedures but also to engage community members actively in safeguarding their neighborhood's safety and aesthetic standards. This initiative underscores a broader mission: to ensure that taxpayers' investments translate into tangible improvements in their quality of life and community standards. Through this multi-faceted approach, the Coram Civic Association is setting a precedent for how communities can effectively hold institutions accountable and ensure that public services reflect the needs and contributions of the residents they serve.

Civic Activity

Building Shut Down!

Thanks to your hard work, an unsafe building that was deemed structurally unsound and uninhabitable for human occupancy was recently shut down. This is a major win for our community as the safety and security of our neighbors is of the utmost importance. This building was partially being utilized as a homeless shelter - we are thankful that these individuals are being housed in different facilities throughout the county that are completely safe for human habitation.


The building is posted, but it is not boarded up. Please sign our petition and share it with as many as possible.

Attention Community Members! Your Voice Has Been Heard!

We invite you to explore the impactful results of our recent community survey. Discover insights that matter to you and your neighbors, revealing pressing concerns that need our immediate attention. Together, let's turn these findings into action and make a meaningful difference in our community. View the results today and join the conversation on how we can collectively address these crucial issues.

Community Excellence Awards

[From left] Nicole Reaber of TOB Councilwoman Jane Bonner's Office, Penny Hines of NYS Senator Dean Murray's office, Legislator Nick Caracappa 4th District, Suffolk Police 6th Precinct Head Inspector Joseph Condolff, Newly elected Suffolk Legislator Chad
TOB Councilwoman Jane Bonner

The Coram Civic Association has recently honored community leaders with community excellence awards, recognizing their significant contributions to revitalization efforts and their dedication to improving the quality of life for residents. These distinguished individuals have worked tirelessly, collaborating with various stakeholders to address a broad spectrum of concerns, from enhancing public safety to promoting local economic development. Their efforts have not only resulted in tangible improvements in the community's infrastructure and services but have also fostered a stronger sense of unity and pride among the residents. Through their leadership, they have exemplified the power of community engagement and the impact it can have in transforming neighborhoods into vibrant, sustainable environments where people are proud to live and work.

  Coram Civic General Meeting

4th Monday of Every Month!


All meetings are held at the:


Coram Fire Dept Community Room

303 Middle Country Road

Coram, NY 11727

(right next to McDonald's)


Our meetings are always open to the public so please bring your friends and neighbors!

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