Bylaws & Constitution


Section 1: Duties of the President: The president shall preside at all meetings of the Association, shall be a member ex-officio of all committees, shall appoint all committees other than the nominating committee, and shall perform all the duties incident to the office. It shall be the duty of the president to sign all contracts and obligations authorized by the Association.
Section 2: Duties of the Vice President: The vice president, in the absence of the president, shall perform all duties and exercise all powers delegated herein to the president.
Section 3: Duties of the Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary: The recording secretary shall keep the minutes of the meetings of the Association, have custody of the records of the Association, other than those of the Treasurer, and perform such other duties as the Association may direct. The corresponding secretary shall conduct the general correspondence of the Association, give notice of all regular and special meetings of the Association and the executive committee, and perform such other duties as the Association may direct.
Section 4: Duties of the Treasurer: The treasurer shall have charge of the funds of the Association and shall collect and receive all monies and deposit the same in a bank which shall have been previously selected by the Association. The treasurer shall disburse as directed by the president or executive committee. The executive committee is authorized to make all necessary emergency expenditures and the treasurer shall make an annual report of all expenditures on behalf of the executive committee. Expenses over $250 must have double signatures.
Section 5: Duties of the Membership Secretary: It shall be the duty of the Membership secretary to record all applications for membership and to keep a roster of all members, along with their names and addresses. It shall also be the duty of the Membership Secretary to forward, without delay, any reports that may be requested by the president and to submit any pertinent files for the purpose of inspection and audit whenever ordered to do so by the president. It shall also be the duty of the Membership Secretary to keep account of the financial standings, in this Association, of each member. The Membership Secretary shall collect all dues and remit the same over to the treasurer within ten (10) days, taking a receipt at that time. The Membership Secretary shall make available a current and complete list of the membership at every regular or special meeting of the Association.
Section 6: Duties of the Sergeant-At-Arms: It shall be the duty of the Sergeant-At-Arms to direct members and guests to indicate their presence in writing at all regular and special meetings of the Association. In addition, the Sergeant shall greet and welcome all invited speakers. The Sergeant-At-Arms shall maintain order and, at the President’s direction, escort a member or guest who is out of order from the meeting.

Section1: Eligibility to vote: A member as defined in Article I Section 3 of the Constitution is able to cast a vote in matters concerning the Association. An individual must be a member in good standing as defined in Article I Section 3 of the Constitution in order to have the privilege to cast a vote concerning election of officers.
Section 2: Only paid members will receive the Newsletter.

Section 1: Dues for each member will be $15.00 per person per annum. Dues must be renewed by January 31 to maintain continuous membership.
Section 1: Regular meetings of the Association shall be held on the fourth Monday of the month at 7:30 pm. No regular meeting will be held in December unless otherwise determined by the Executive Board.
Section 2: Meetings are held at the Coram Fire House Community Room located at 303 Middle Country Road.
Section 3: Executive meetings of the Association will be held at least once per month as directed by the President.
Section 1: There shall be the following standing committees composed of at least two (2) members: Planning & Land Use, Highway, Newsletter, and Membership & Booster.
Section 2: Nominating Committee will be appointed two months prior to the Annual Meeting.
Section 3: Liaisons will be appointed as the community's needs require.
Section 4: Additional committee's will be appointed as needed by the Executive Board.
The Order of Business to be followed at meetings shall be:
A. Call to order - Salute to the flag
B. Treasurer's report
C. Report of Officers
D. Report of Committees
E. Old Business
F. New Business
G. Guest Speaker
H. Motion to adjourn
Order of Business may be changed at any time at the discretion of the presiding officer.

Adopted Coram, NY: 8/28/2006
Amended 5/28/2008, 5/24/2010; 11/12/20

Kathleen Meade, Nancy Cobian, Michael Dickson, Eva Greguski, Maria Inzalaco, James F. Meade






Section 1:

NAME: The name of the association shall be the Coram Civic Association.

Section 2:

OBJECT: To offer a unified voice while working together towards bettering the quality of life in Coram.

Section 3:

MEMBERSHIP: An individual who has reached the age of eighteen years and who is a resident of Coram (11727 zip code) shall be eligible for membership. An individual shall be determined to be a member upon meeting the eligibility requirements and paying dues of $15.00 each year. A member is able to cast a vote in matters concerning the Association. Only members in good standing may vote in the election of officers. An individual shall be determined to be a member in good standing if (a) such member has attended at least four (4) regular monthly meetings in the prior twelve (12) months; (b) membership dues are current. A member in good standing is able to vote in the election of officers and all other matters concerning the Association.


Section 1:

Officers: The elected officers of this Association shall be a president, a vice-president, a recording secretary, a corresponding secretary, a treasurer, membership secretary, and sergeant-at-arms and such other officers as may be provided for by the bylaws. All officers must be residents of Coram (11727). Required attendance will be determined by the Executive Board at their discretion. If the Board determines that the Officer is absent too frequently therefore not fulfilling their duties, the Officer will be notified in writing, delivered by certified mail 30 days prior to dismissal.
Section 2:

The officers shall be elected at the annual meeting of the Association and shall hold office for a period of two years or until their successors are elected and assume office. Election of officers shall be as follows: during even years President, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, and Sergeant at Arms; during odd years Vice President, Recording Secretary, and Membership Secretary. A majority of the votes of those members in good standing present shall constitute an election. In the event of an officer's vacancy other than President, the Board will appoint a member in good standing to fill the vacancy of the balance of the term.

Section 3:

Executive Committee: There shall be an executive committee, composed of the President, Vice President, immediate past President, Secretaries, Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Arms, and appointed committee members of the Association, each having a single vote. The executive committee shall appoint the nominating committee and additional committees as the needs of the community dictate and shall to the extent permitted by law and the constitution and bylaws of this Association, exercise all the powers inherent in this Association. Meetings of the executive committee shall be held as provided in the bylaws.

Section 4:

Nominating Committee: A nominating committee consisting of at least three (3) and not more than eight (8) active regular members, selected by the executive committee from different sections of the community, shall act as a nominating committee. The president shall appoint one of the members of the nominating committee as chairman of such committee. The duties of this committee shall be those normally performed by nominating committees.


Section 1:

Annual Meetings: The annual meeting of the Association shall be held in the month of November of each calendar year for the election of Officers. Elected Officers will be sworn in at the January Annual Meeting.

Section 2:

Special Meetings: Special meetings of the Association may be called by the president, or upon the president's refusal to do so, by the secretary upon the written request of twenty-five (25) members in good standing of the Association. All members will be notified of special meetings so called, at least five days in advance, the notice to specify the time, place, and purpose thereof. A written notice mailed to a member at the address appearing in the books of the
constitution of the Coram Civic Association at least six days prior to the date of such meeting shall be deemed a complete compliance with the notice herein required.

Section 3:

Quorum: Ten percent of the regular members in good standing constitute a quorum at any officers election or special meeting.



Section 1:

Dues: Membership dues in the Association shall be as established by the bylaws.



Section 1:

Robert's Rules of Order shall govern the procedure of all meetings where the same is not in conflict with the constitution and bylaws of this Association.



Section 1:

Initiation: This constitution and bylaws will become effective upon written submission to the Association membership, and upon receipt of written affirmative response by a majority of no less than ten percent of the regular members. Section 2: Amendments: This constitution and bylaws may subsequently be amended by a majority vote of no less than ten (10) percent of the regular members. The president may call for the vote by written ballot.



Section 1:

Minutes: The minutes of the general meeting shall be reviewed, corrected and approved by the Board and posted on the website prior to the next general meeting.


Adopted Coram, NY: 8/28/2006
Amended: 5/28/2008; 5/24/2010; 11/12/20.


FOUNDING MEMBERS: Kathleen Meade, Nancy Cobian, Michael Dickson, Eva Greguski, Maria Inzalaco, James F. Meade​



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