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                 2018 Great Brookhaven Cleanup
     Saturday, May 19th (A dark, damp and dreary day - but we prevailed!)

      Special "thank you!" to all our members who braved the elements to help!

  And special thanks to TOB Supervisor Ed Romaine, Councilwoman Jane Bonner 
  and Councilman Mike Loguercio for braving the elements and stopping by to 
  say hello and to thank our members!

And a special tip of the Civic cap to both Stop & Shop and Home Depot for the incredible work they have done cleaning up the shopping plaza and creating a very noticeable customer-centric atmosphere in their stores! The level of customer service being delivered now in those stores is second to none!


                   >>> UPCOMING EVENTS <<<
Friday, July 13
- Country Line Dancing!
                  ...featuring Country Rhythms!
Whether you're a beginner or you have been dancing for years, 
 you are sure to have fun! Download flyer for info & tickets!


Monday, August 13 -
     Coram Civic 2nd Annual Summer Concert
featuring the country music of...

   *****For complete details and additional events,
                                  click on
Upcoming Events*****


Starbucks and McDonald's in North Coram - by CVS...
April 3, 2018:Update - Office of
TOB Councilperson Jane Bonner...
+ Starbucks is looking for a July 2018 opening.
+ McDonald's (Hunt Enterprises) is currently paying the land lease, but has put a hold on construction while they are in "negotiations" with McDonald's corporate. What that means is undetermined at this point.
Editor: Could be a contractual disagreement between the franchisee (Hunt) and the franchisor (McDonalds Corporate), but that is just a guess. Neither party is obligated to advise the Town on anything that does not involve permits and other regulations.   
                      Work has begun!
Town of Brookhaven Councilperson Mike Loguercio (D4) has confirmed to your Coram Civic Association that the work being done at the abandoned building at the Coram Shopping Plaza (next to Dunkin' Donuts) is in fact the long-awaited beginning of a new Taco Bell for our area!
Currently they are doing asbestos abatement work on that building after which site plans will be filed with the Town.

03/14/18 update...

HazMat abatement work looks pretty much for the site plans! 
...and in answer to the question that will surely pop-up again, the New York State Department of Transportation has, once again, denied a request for a left-turn arrow
at the intersection of southbound Coram-Mt. Sinai Road & Middle Country Road letter



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