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Officers of the Coram Civic Association!

Erma Gluck, President                                                               (5/31/21)*
Chris Reilly, Vice President                                              (12/31/21)  
Jean Hartling, Recording Secretary                               (12/21/21)
W.Paul Ziems, Treasurer                                                      (5/31/21)*
Kathrine Soscia, Corresponding Secretary                  (5/31/21)*
Vana McClure, Membership Secretary                          (12/31/21)
Robert Gluck, Sergeant-At-Arms                                    (5/31/21)*

* - Due to Covid-19 retrictions, we have moved the 2020 elections to May 2021.
Coram Plaza Taskforce

Erma Gluck, Chris Reilly, Jean Hartling, Kareem Nugdalla

Planning, Land Use
Erma Gluck

Chris Reilly

Special Community Events
Jean Hartling

Business Development
Kareem Nugdalla

Vana McClure

Roads & Highways
Diane Herzberg

Brookhaven Natonal Lab Community Delegate
Paul Ziems

Rosa Turk

Website & Social Media
Chris Reilly



Davis Town Meeting House Society, Inc.

The Davis Town Meeting House Society is dedicated to the preservation of the historic Lester H. Davis House located at the intersection of Coram-Mt. Sinai Road and Rte. 25; opposite the Coram Plaza Shopping Center. Formerly a committee of the Coram Civic, it has grown into a completely separate organization and is a registered NYS not-for-profit and an IRS certified 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Visit their website here.

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